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Star Wars Republic Commando
Review By:
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Webmaster of "Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Order"

Special Features6.0
Lasting Appeal5.5
Overall (Not an average)8.8
Screen Shots
- Anti-armor DC-17 attachment
- Static Explosion
- Super Battle Droids
- Geonosians!
- Sniping the Trandoshan
Players: 1-4 (XBOX) and online play
Gameplay Style: First Person Shooter
Publisher: Lucas Arts
ESRB Rating: Teen


Can't ask for much more here, the game looks great. Good looking textures and backgrounds, as well as very real looking characters and aliens. This game does a great job of sucking you into the Star Wars universe and making it seem real, one reason why I love first person shooters. I also didn't see any glitches or overlapping characters during the game. Very well done and good looking.


The sound is just about flawless. The graphics do a fantastic job of presenting the game visually, and the sound was done even better, completing the process of bringing you into the game even more. It's cool to hear creatures and sounds through the doors before you go through them and to hear them off into the distance before you reach them. Especially when you're all alone and there's no sound in the background at all except for some Trandoshans off in the distance preparing to ambush you. The voice acting is great, and Lucas Arts was able to get Temuera Morrison, the actor for Jango Fett in Attack of the Clones, to do the voice of 38, the commando who you control in the game. Unfortuneatly, he didn't do the voice of the other three clone commandos in Delta Squad. Lucas Arts probably did this to help distinguish the 3 squad members and give them their own personalities, but since they're all clones of Jango Fett, they should have the same voice. The only other backdrop of the sound is the catch phrases they say during missions, which repeat a few times, but not enough to really bother you.
Best of all is the music. It gets quiet and calm during transitioning parts, and it picks up with intensity during the action, as well as building up anticipation before a significant event. This is another way that Lucas Arts succeeded in bringing the gamer into the game.


I don't know if I've ever played a game through that was so addicting. If I have, it's been a while. After completing it, I'm convinced that this is the best Star Wars first person shooter game to date. The game is way more fun than it looks. It's all the little things in this game that add up, like the ability to view the Star Wars universe as a brave Clone trooper instead of a well known Jedi, and the ability to work to accomplish tasks with your squadmates and give them orders. Unlike many games with computer allies, your squadmates in this game are very crucial to your success. You must give them wise orders and keep them alive or you'll find yourself against an endless army of battle droids without any help. Another good thing about them is that they'll actually fight and kill enemies. They definetly have enough intelligence to hold their own. Also, as a Star Wars fan, the game will be even more fun because it does a great job of building up intensity and leading up to the beginning of the next Star Wars film, Revenge of the Sith. Also, instead of having many short missions, there is just three long missions. Each mission or location, will take you 2-4 hours to get through. This adds to the gaming experience because situations change and more objectives are assigned and you begin to wonder when you'll be out of the dangerous firefight or creepy ghost ship. Basically, it makes the story and plot of events seem more real. Lucas Arts did a great job of combining many different elements of gaming to complete the gaming experience, and once you play this game yourself, you'll see how fun, intense, and addicting the game really is.

Special Features:

There aren't a whole lot of special features in this game. You will unlock some extras as you progress through the game, but unfortuneatly they aren't much, just a few video clips showing the making of the game. Each one is just a few minutes long, and the best one is an interview with Temuera Morrison, where he simply introduces the game and gives his take on it. You also get to see him doing some of the voice recordings for the game.

Lasting Appeal:

This is the area that destroys this game. Like so many games, its very fun while you're playing it through, but way too short. Most people will beat the game in less than 10 hours of playing time. This is why the game will never be as great or as well known as it should. The ending of the game really hints towards a sequel and it drops off right at the end of a mission breifing before going into a battle which will take place during the movie, so it just makes the gamer really wish the game went on. Sure there is a multiplayer/online mode, but it's nothing special. Similar to Jedi Academy's online mode, it's weak and poorly designed. So why should you play this game's multiplayer mode when you can play Halo 2 or Unreal Championship? It's obvious that the multiplayer mode was added onto the game to help the game last gamers longer, but it doesn't succeed very well at that.
Whether you think that the many good points of the game - the storyline, the music, the intensity, the sound and graphics, the ability to work with your squad - add up enough to overrule the shortness of the game is up to you. I felt that the good points were enough to make the game worth buying and playing, but that's just my opinion.

Good Points:
Bad Points:
  • Does a great job of capturing the Star Wars 'atmosphere' and putting it in the game
  • Good graphics, great sound, and awesome music
  • The Fun and useful ability to give your squad strategic orders
  • Great storyline/plot
  • WAY too short
  • Weak online/multiplayer mode

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